Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Self Development


Why do we choose to accept a first impression?

It seems that we have grown up with accepting them and therefore it becomes a habitual act. This accepting a habitual act alone proves how many other aspects of our life can be clouded by judgements made from assumptions.

Is accepting a first impression actually the first impression? More often than not it is the second impression. The first impression is a gut feeling that we discard incorrectly.

I was out shopping with the family over the weekend and

Monday, November 10, 2008

How to Solve Problems

 We solve problems by dipping into our knowledge and experience and producing an answer.
 Most adults will have the chance of experience as it happens directly in front of them each day. As for knowledge few choose to gather any more; as a consequence they will always be disadvantaged.
 To search for knowledge need not be tiresome, in a day of MEASURE there is always room for study.
 A measured day equals a measure life. Measure allows abundance to flow and happiness to flourish.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

100 Self Esteem Tips


First it is important to understand the exact meaning of ‘Self-Esteem’. The Oxford English Dictionary definition is:

“One’s good opinion of one-self.”

What in essence we are trying to achieve with these 100 ways is to trigger a way back to a happy and contented state of mind.

Many people, and the psychology profession wouldn’t be able to survive without them, use the process of improving SELF-ESTEEM as an important step to the development of feeling good about one-self again.

This pathway back to a ‘good sense of worth’ may not be achieved with these 100 ways alone, but we can assure you that you will have been elevated sufficiently to see what’s required next.

Allow me to just illustrate with a little story how we underestimate our worth: … to read the full article, please follow this link:

100 Self Esteem Tips

Solving Problems


For you; what is a problem? Is a problem just another noose around your neck, or is it a blessing in disguise?

I guess the appropriate answer is how you perceive it to be. That perception is generally determined by the emotion you’re in at that moment.

A change in perception can change the whole view of a problem. Today’s story illustrates the same principle but calls it an adjustment in attitude.

As a few small problems seem to follow on from each other, is this not a sign that you’re not fully in control? You’re beginning to drift into the wrong emotion and no amount of effort will prevent further calamities.

We cannot prevent this shift of emotion, but we can ... to read the full article, please follow this link:

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Victory - Good or Bad?

Politicians are notorious for breaking promises, but in Obama’s defense he does look both sincere and honest. As a ’white’ person I’m all for powerful speeches and words that change the world. I wish him all the best, yet he will be in for a rough ride I am sure.


Martin Luther’s famous quote “… I have a dream … that some day our children will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character … “


Obama has some big footprints to follow. On November 5th 2008 I hope his wisdom and philosophies transform both the US and the World.


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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Impressions v Intuition

To improve our self development we need introduce a goodness that prevents the proverbial first impression being accepted. Making assumptions means that you are taking risks, and taking risks causes heartache and problems.
When you first see a tramp you show immediate empathy and sorrow; and only then do you put up your guard and make the recognizable ‘first impression’.
The more you assume the more you are making decisions without the full facts. This leads to inaccuracies in your life; you’ll be continually going over ground you’ve already trodden.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Philosophy Stories - Philosophical

Here is your Saturday STORY on:


When you are sad, angry, frustrated and stressed all the ensuing problems seem to be the size of a mountain. If the same problems arrive when you’re happy they seemed to be coped with easier and resolved quicker.

This must imply that you are capable of resolving any problem, but the task is best done when you are in a positive frame of mind. If you could only remember this principle life would become so much easier.

When you don’t want a big mountain to climb you’ll find it just around the next corner. Yet if you expected a mountain and trusted in your knowledge and experience you’d take the challenge in your stride.

Those who utilise meditation have varying mantras to suit their style. The value of the meditation doesn’t differ between mantras.

The moral to be taught here is to admit the potential of being positive and then actively encourage that to remain in every part of your day. Don’t allow lethargy to visit; take suitable rest and nourishment. Don’t allow anger to manifest; deal with every small frustration step by step.


Two sailors ran into each other in a pub. Over a few beers, one of the men told the other about his last voyage: "After a month at sea," he said, "we discovered our masts had been eaten through by termites! Almost nothing left of them."

"That's terrible," said the second sailor.

"That's what I thought at first too," the first sailor said, "but it turned out to be good luck. As soon as we took the sails down to fix the masts, we were hit by a squall so suddenly and so hard, it would surely have blown us over if our sails were up at the time."

"How lucky!"

"That's exactly what I thought at the time, too. But because our sails were down, we couldn't steer ourselves, and because of the wind, we were blown onto a reef. The hole in the hull was too big to fix. We were stranded."

"That is bad luck indeed."

"That's what I thought, too, when it first happened. But we all made it to the beach alive and had plenty to eat. But now here's the real kicker: While we were on the island whining about our terrible fate, we discovered a buried treasure!"

As this story illustrates, you don't know if an event is "good" or "bad" except maybe in retrospect, and even then you don't really know because life keeps going. The story's not over yet. Just because something hasn't turned out to be an advantage yet doesn't mean it is not ever going to.

Therefore, you can simply assume whatever happens is "good." I know that sounds awfully airy-fairy, but it's very practical. If you think an event is good, it's easy to maintain a positive attitude. And your attitude affects your health, it affects the way people treat you and how you treat others, and it affects your energy level. And those can help pave the way for things to turn out well. A good attitude is a good thing. And a bad attitude does you no good at all.

So get in the habit of saying "That's good!" Since you don't know for sure whether something will eventually work to your advantage or not, you might as well assume it will. It is counterproductive to assume otherwise. Think about it. If someone ahead of you in line at a store is slowing everything down, say to yourself, "That's good!" They may have saved you from getting into an accident when you get back in your car. Or maybe, because you slowed down, you might meet a friend you would have missed. You never know.

The truth is; life is uncertain. And even that can work to your advantage.

(Adam Khan)

QUOTE: “It would be foolhardy to believe that wisdom is a luxury in prosperity, but a jewel in adversity.” (Andy Bolton)

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